10 Mistakes To Avoid While Creating Personas in Agile

10 mistakes Agile teams make while creating personas for product development - Prabhaker Panditi, www.LeadingAgility.com

Personas represent users

Before exploring the mistakes in creating personas, take  a quick quiz: my friend John Pearson is a History Professor.  Can you guess some of his qualities? Take a moment to think.

You may have formed some idea of John Pearson just based on this single fact. How is it possible?  All you know is his name and profession.  We carry mental models or prototypes of  members of a group or category. 

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Boost Employee Engagement In Your Projects With These Tips

Employee engagement in projects - Prabhaker Panditi www.LeadingAgility.com

USA Today reported that Superman’s alter ego Clark Kent will resign from his job at the Dailly Planet newspaper.  Clark is disgusted with the degeneration of media which now provides meaningless entertainment instead of real news. More than seventy years of history comes to an end. Being a Superman, only a monumental shift in business values could disengage him from work and quit.  We mortals can be affected by lesser reasons. 

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The Psychology Behind Agile Success

Image courtesy Fran Hogan, publicdomainpictures.netYou seemed to have become invisible.  Earlier in the day, your colleague just shot a blank look at you and got back to work as if you did not exist.  Back home, your son who usually comes running to you, mechanically turned his head and resumed his computer game.  What is going on here?  For the record, you are perfectly visible.  Your colleague and your son were too absorbed in their activities. They were having a great time.

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Why And When To Move To Agile – Lessons From The Rain King

Why And When to Move to Agile, by Prabhaker Panditi, www.LeadingAgility.com

“What made me take this trip to Africa?” There is no quick explanation. Things got worse and worse and worse and pretty soon they were too complicated”. Thus begins the story of Eugene Henderson, 55-year-old American millionaire in Saul Bellow’s classic ‘Henderson the Rain King’. During his eventful journey, Henderson meets two tribes and goes through several adventures including devising an explosive to rid their cistern of frogs and instead blowing up both the water and the frogs. Later, in a dramatic incident he manages to move a giant wooden statue and is unwittingly anointed the ‘Rain King’.

Fortunately, companies need not wait for things to get “worse and worse and worse” to start creating greater shareholder wealth, more fulfilled employees and higher customer delight. They need not take a trip to Africa either. They can proactively start with Agile methods, now.

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